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16 May 2016

Kejohanan Hoki Jemputan SSBJ 2016 U14

Kejohanan Hoki Jemputan SSBJ 2016 U14
Tarikh : 13 - 15 Mei 2016
Tempat : Stadium Hoki KPM

Kumpulan A : 

Kumpulan B :
SSTMI, SSN Pahang, SMK Mutiara Impian, SMK Dato Bentara Luar

Juara : SSBJ
Kedua : SSTMI
Ketiga : SMK Mutiara Impian
Keempat : SMK Anderson

Kejohanan Bola Tampar ARINA-SSBJ 2016

Atlet Bola Tampar SSBJ
Johan : City Rangers VC
Naib Johan : BJSS

Group A:
BJSS, Firestone, United Volleyball Club, Balakong Volleyball Club, Pirate Layds

Group B:
City Rangers Volleyball Club, Blaze Xysters, ATM, Kuala Lumpur Junior

SSBJ beat Pirates Layds 25 - 6, 25 - 3 in the first match of the Kejohanan Bola Tampar ARINA-SSBJ 2016. Congratulation girls!!! 

Sambutan Hari Guru SSBJ

Sambutan Hari Guru SSBJ akan diadakan pada hari Jumaat 27 Mei 2016 jam 9 hingga 12.10 tengahari di Dewan Olimpik. Semua warga SSBJ dijemput hadir.

Selamat Menduduki Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun 2016

Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun bagi murid KBSM telah bermula pada Isnin 9 hingga 26 Mei 2016 bagi Tingkatan 4 - 5. Bagi murid Tingkatan 1 - 3 peperiksaan telah bermula pada Isnin 16 hingga 26 Mei 2016. Semoga semua atlet SSBJ berjaya mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang di dalam peperiksaan ini.

Murid Kelas 3 Olimpik dan 3 Komanwel sedang menjawab kertas Bahasa Inggeris

15 May 2016

Happy Teacher's Day 16th May 2016

Happy Teacher's Day to all SSBJ teachers and coaches.
Your work is greatly appreciated.

10 May 2016

Win over SSTMI could mark BJSS' revival in MJHL

Arif (right) was the top scorer in the competition with 20 goals. - GLENN GUAN / The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Six years they waited. And finally, thanks to four-goal hero Arif Sabron, the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS)-Thunderbolt have wrested the Malaysian Junior Hockey League (MJHL) overall title from Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School (SSTMI)-Thunderbolt.
SSTMI have reigned supreme for the last six years. So, could the 4-3 defeat on Sunday mark the end of SSTMI’s dominance in the MJHL? 
BJSS coach K. Rajan certainly thinks so.
“I’d like to think that BJSS have finally got it right ... we have the players to stay at the top,” he said.
“More than that, this (win over SSTMI) will give the other teams the belief that they too can match SSTMI.
“SSTMI have totally dominated the MJHL since 2010 ... credit to them for that. 
“But, for the MJHL to be relevant, it’s time the others take up the fight. This may see the beginning of a new era.”
There is no doubt that this year’s MJHL has been a big success.
If there’s any complaint, if you can call it that, is Tenaga Nasional’s rising influence – through their Thunderbolt programme – on the MJHL.
Under the programme, Tenaga provide teams with technical assistance – through their former national players – and sometimes with financial aid as well. 
It’s a noble effort and one that has proven successful, as can be seen by the semi-final appearance of all four Thunderbolt teams – SSTMI, Pahang Sports School (SSP)-MSP, Anderson and BJSS.
SSTMI won the MJHL Division One title; BJSS the MJHL overall crown; and Anderson the Division Two title.
Some, however, feel that the domination of Thunderbolt-linked teams could be unhealthy and turn the MJHL into a “family affair”.
They know that they do not have the financial clout to match teams under the Thunderbolt programme.
Well, they may be right.
After all, SSTMI became champions after joining the Thunderbolt programme. Anderson are on the rise and BJSS are back as champions. The Pahang Sports School are also making their presence felt.

So, is the Thunderbolt programme really bad for the game? The jury is out, for now.

Source :

Arif the hero as BJSS-Thunderbolt win sixth title

KUALA LUMPUR: Forward Arif Sabron single-handedly took Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS)-Thunderbolt to their sixth overall title in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.
Arif Sabron, who bagged the top scorer award with 20 goals, scored all four goals in the 4-3 win over Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School (SSTMI)-Thunderbolt at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Sunday.
BJSS coach K. Rajan had promised to stop the juggernaut SSTMI in their track.
“I’m very proud of my players as they showed great fighting spirit. I don’t think anybody would have given us a chance when we were two goals down at one stage. This is a tremendous result for the school,” he said.
The first half was evenly matched as both teams had a couple of early chances.
But just as the first half was about to end SSTMI struck. Mohamed Akhimullah Annuar Essok broke through and scored from a field attempt in the 34th minute.
Forward Mohamed Hafizhudin Zaidi’s absence was a telling factor for BJSS as they missed a potent finisher upfront.
The game came alive in the second half as both sides went all out to get the goals.
In the 43rd minute, Mohamed Luqman Hakim increased the lead for the defending champions. But BJSS reduced the deficit a minute later through Arif.
But SSTMI came charging back two minutes later and scored their third goal through Mohamed Ariff Syafie.
BJSS refused to throw in the towel. Arif Sabron was again in the thick of the action when he scored from a penalty corner set-piece move to give his team a lifeline in the 53rd minute.

Arif Sabron then turned the match on its head when he scored the equaliser in the 62nd minutes. Seven minutes later, Arif Sabron capped a memorable outing with the winner.